Patisserie Quality Dog Treats & Cakes

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Multiple Flavours Available

Made with top-quality fruits & produce, giving you a deliciously fresh treat every time.

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Artisan Carob Dog Chocolate's

Give your pet a taste of true indulgence with one of our CaroChoc Original's Gift Packs.


No additives or preservatives.

Just like humans, our furry friends deserve fresh quality treats without preservatives. The Puptisserie bakes treats every day made with the freshest locally sourced ingredients and NO added preservatives of any kind.

We firmly believe that freshness matters for each of our furry friends (as it does to us).

All Aussie grown natural ingredients, sourced locally.

Here at The Puptisserie, we support local farmers, suppliers, and distributors first. Wherever possible, we purchase our ingredients from Brisbane and Queensland farms. We choose suppliers that also source locally and from within Australia

Support local business!

Fresh baked treats made to order!

We are open 7 days a week including public holidays!