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Dog Cake: Chocoholic


Every Dog deserves to be celebrated! So why not get them a Cake for their Birthday?

Our Dog Cakes are made from Dog-Friendly ingredients, sourced from local suppliers and baked fresh to order!


We like to make sure that your cake is of the highest quality. So to make sure of that, we require a lead time of at least 3 days to make it.

This product is click-to-collect only.

Click-to-collect is based in Zillmere QLD.


  • Small (4 inch) – Suits 1-3 Dogs
  • Medium (7 inch) – Suits 4-7 Dogs
  • Large (10 inch) – Party sized, 7-10 Dogs


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4 reviews for Dog Cake: Chocoholic

  1. Graeme Kan

    The quality and value for money is second to none!! My puppies just love these treats and don’t use rubbish ingredients. The customer service is first class and such prompt attention and ordering is quick and easy. The price is great for the high quality products and the variety of flavours gives the dogs different flavours. It’s just hard to pick their favourite!!

  2. Luke Radosevich

    The quality, time, effort and value is amazing! The cake is a work of art. My fur kids loved their chocoholic cake, especially the birthday girl Coco. The service is 10/10 very helpful and lovely, the price is perfect and I know 100% I will be buying more cakes. Thank you to The Puptisserie

  3. Davina Fisher

    I got the most beautiful cake made for my baby’s 10th birthday. It looked amazing – the presentation was unlike any other dog cake I’ve seen. I’m guessing it tasted great too as it vanished in seconds! It was really special to have such a gorgeous, locally made cake for such an important event. Thanks so much!

  4. Jason Burns

    The guys at puptisserie are fantastic. Our dog had her 13th and probably last birthday yesterday :(. They supplied an amazing cake. We’re closeby so they dropped it ff and took some great photos too. There’s a sideline for you guys to explore lol. We’ve had their excellent dog biscuits before, and this is the first cake. Outstanding effort and care. Really appreciated. Give them a go!

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